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Eerie Collector

Twelve-year-old Charlie is tired of people calling him weird and not taking his interest in the science of preserving dead bugs and animal parts seriously. So, when he takes a class trip to Salem, he seizes his chance to make a change. Avoiding the hocus pocus of the city, he finds his way to the master of taxidermy and plans to impress him into taking him on as an apprentice. Instead, he accidentally ruins the shop’s ink supply, angering the master he wanted to impress. Charlie begs the shop owner to give him a second chance by letting him work off his debt. The owner reluctantly agrees. Charlie loves his new job but soon learns his employer uses more than science in his work and becomes ensnared in a dark battle between rivals trying to drive each other out of business. Will Charlie put aside his disdain for magic to save the master’s shop and the first place he’s ever felt at home?

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Mini Mitts Sherman Forest Series

Being a small-handed ogre stinks.
Because his 15 huge-handed sisters grumble that he’s useless.

But for MINI MITTS, this might come in handy when his sisters haul ALL the trees and Mini has a sapling of an idea to save their forest.

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