Praise for Wimps of the Wild

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       Purple Dragonfly Award Winner in 2 categories, 2023!

       Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, Silver Metal 2023!

       IAN Book of the Year Finalist, 2023!

Young readers will delight in this book, a nice stop along the way between basic reading books and more mature fare like the Harry Potter series. The school-age protagonists learn some lessons about the wider world, including the basics of animal care and even civil disobedience when it comes to the group protesting at the animal sanctuary. This is a breezy, action-packed read that successfully sets up more adventures with Izzy, Sam, and Joey.”  —Kirkus Reviews

“Well, I just LOVED this book!!!  The characters are well developed, the plot was super cute and your writing is so clear and organized. I cannot wait to buy copies for my library!!!”  —Katie Irwin, school librarian

Wimps of the Wild is such a fun read, and by the time I was finished, I was ready to pick up volume two! I learned so many interesting facts while reading and caught myself making that “I didn’t know that” sort of face as I read. I even Googled cassowary birds to see what they looked like. You’re inspiring learning already!Lydia Alexander – Beta Reader, Fairy Tales and Tea

“That was actually good.”  —4th grade student (after a read-aloud)

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